"Ordered delivery from here and it was absolutely delicious! The order was correct and everything tasted amazing. I’ll definitely return here for good food."

Dee T.


"Finally Tyler has a Dumpling/Potsticker/Chinese place that rivals the best I’ve eaten at all over the country. I had dinner there but if it had been lunch I would have gone back for dinner. It was that good. Our waiter was so nice and extremely efficient. So happy it’s here! The place isn’t very fancy but it’s very clean and who cares when the food is so good!"

Linda K.


"Everything was so delicious ! The beef cake roll and the hot and sour noodle soup were outstanding! The restaurant was very clean and service was amazing 🤩 Can’t wait to come back!!!"

Julie B.

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Fun Noodle Bar
Asian Chinese Noodles Ramen Sushi
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Tue: 11:00 AM - 8:45 PM
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